OIl & Grease Spill Article In November Cleaner Times Magazine


The editors at Cleaner Times asked us to write an article on oil and grease spills for the November 2013 issue of their magazine.

Cleaner Times CoverThe article will also be used as a new chapter in the revised Power Washer’s Guidebook,  titled: Oil And Grease Spill Cleanup And Recovery. Click here to read the article.

They contacted us because we’re recognized experts in cleaning oil and grease spills. We have always stayed on top of the issues involved in spill cleanups. And the most important part of that is recovering the waste water and disposing of it properly.

Whenever you clean any kind of a spill, you know there will be a lot of dirty water. And you have to be prepared to collect all the water so it doesn’t run off site and get into a storm drain.

Doing water recovery the right way requires a large financial commitment. It takes a lot of money to outfit a recovery trailer, and you have to set up the truck to pull it as well. You can expect to spend more than $10,000 to get set up to do the job right.

So its understandable why small power washing companies try to get by without spending the money. But that strategy always catches up to them when they get called for a big job and they can’t handle it. Just make sure they don’t get you in trouble with the EPA by letting the water go down the storm drain.

If you have an oil or grease spill you need cleaned, call a pressure washing company that is set up to do the job right.


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