Grease Spill Cleanup For An Auto Repair Shop



We got a call from an auto repair shop for a grease spill cleanup at the home of one of their customers.

Driveway Before Pressure Washing Grease Spill

Driveway Before Pressure Washing Grease Spill

Their customer’s car was in for service and something came lose on the way home. When the customer went outside the next morning, there was a puddle of oil under their car.

Driveway After Pressure Washing Grease Spill

Driveway After Pressure Washing Grease Spill

The auto repair shop called us right away to take care of cleaning up the grease spill. Usually, if we can get to a grease spill, oil spill or hydraulic spill within 24 hours, we can get it all cleaned up. The longer the grease or oil sits before we clean it, the deeper it soaks in.

Concrete is very porous, like a hard sponge. Unless you clean it up right away, any kind of spill will soak deep into the concrete and become impossible to remove completely.

And when you pressure wash a grease or oil spill, you can’t just let the wastewater run down the gutter. You have to collect it and dispose of it properly.

Water recovery is part of our spill cleanup service. We have permits from all the required government agencies so you don’t have to worry.

So if you have a grease spill, the sooner you call us, the better chance we have of removing it completely.


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