Vehicle Wrap, Decal And Sticker Removal


Decal removal is multi-step process.

It is rarely done with a pressure washer alone. Anyone who attempts decal removal that way will usually tear up the paint on the vehicle.

 From the video:

Decal Removal After First Step

Decal Removal After First Step

“Removing vehicle wraps, stickers and decals can be tricky.  Especially when the stickers have been on the vehicle for several years. This sticker has been faded, dried and cracked by age and exposure to the extreme Colorado environment.  When a sticker is this old, the quality of the paint before applying the sticker often determines whether any damage will occur during sticker removal.”

“Removing old wraps, stickers and decals from vehicles is usually a 3-step process.  These stickers have been through the first process where most of the vinyl has been removed.  The glue and sticker backing is still stuck to the vehicle and will be cleaned off by the second step.”

“Stickers that haven’t aged as much are easier to remove and cost about ⅓ less than removing old stickers.  Removing old stickers takes longer because different tools have to be used to avoid damage to the paint.”

“After the final step, all residue has been removed and, because we spent a little extra time with special tools, there is no damage to the paint.”

We can do decal removal on your site, if weather allows or if you can get the vehicle inside your building. We can always bring it inside at our shop, and it’s usually more cost effective. All the tools and materials are here, as well as our service manager.


 If you need wrap, sticker, or decal removal, call us at 303-937-7181 or email us at [email protected]



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